Thanksgiving Feast Report

Attendees at the 2021 Carson Thanksgiving Feast.

At the end of October, the CCA Board decided to host an early Thanksgiving Feast for the community on November 14, at 2 pm, in the Carson Fire Station. The board had no idea how many people would come or what the weather would be like, so it seemed sensible to hold the event in a space that had heating, could accommodate a fair number of people, and had large doors that could be opened up for good ventilation. CCA President Art Wilbur was the main instigator behind the event. He felt that, given the number of older residents who live on their own, many of whom would not be able to celebrate the holiday with family, organizing such a feast would be a good way to build a sense of community.

Art and his wife Sharon did much of the legwork for the event, including purchasing and spending a few days cooking two 20-lb turkeys, stuffing, gravy, and sides, as well as purchasing supplies such as plates, napkins, and flatware. Board directors and volunteers arrived at 11 am on the day to help set up, clean, and decorate four long rows of tables and chairs, and the serving tables.

CCA President Art Wilbur, with his wife Sharon and volunteer Vicky Lindsay (in blue hat) serving up turkey and trimmings to a long but fast-moving line of people.

As with the Fall Festival, the turnout was beyond our expectations, exceeding 60 people. A number of attendees contributed food such as cranberry sauce, chips, root vegetable casserole, vegan shepherd’s pie, stuffed pumpkin, and assorted desserts. Art and Sharon, with the help of volunteer Vicky Lindsay, served up the main course and trimmings to a long but fast-moving line of people. There was a convivial mood, and much conversation and banter could be heard as neighbors caught up with one another.

As the feast drew to a close, Art called attendees to attention for a CCA general meeting. He gave a short report on actions taken in relation to the road improvement campaigns and new community center, and took questions from members. He then invited the CCA Treasurer and Secretary to give very brief reports on their areas of activity. The feast and meeting closed at 4.30 pm.

CCA President Art Wilbur is finally able to grab some food for himself.

Several volunteers stayed behind and made quick work of clearing away the tables and chairs. The CCA Board thanks all of those in the community who went the extra length to make the feast a success: Sharon Wilbur for cooking the turkeys and trimmings and for serving us all, Vicky Lindsay for helping with the serving, Jeff Holland for help in setting up, Brett Bower for getting the fire station ready for us all, and everyone who brought food to share. Thank you to everyone who attended. A few members of our community were unable to attend because of ill health; they were missed. Finally, a big thank you to all those who made financial donations at the event to help underwrite some of the costs. CCA and the community are grateful for your generous support.

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