Early Thanksgiving Feast

And Members’ Meeting

Mike Lindsay shares a quiet moment with his Thanksgiving turkey. Photo by Vicky Lindsay.

The CCA Board invites members to an early Thanksgiving Feast at 2pm on Sunday, 14 November, at the Carson Fire Station. The building will be heated, and the event will be over long before the light fails.

The CCA Board will be providing cooked turkey and trimmings, and we invite members to bring items of their choice: vegetable side dishes, vegan and vegetarian main courses, and desserts, to share with your friends and neighbors.

If you are able, bring a chair for yourself. You can reduce waste and clean up by bringing your own silverware and plate/bowl.

Following on from our 2pm lunch we’ll have a brief General Membership Meeting at 3.30pm. There may be a couple of items to vote on using secret ballots, and a chance to ask questions of the board members.

Let us know if you plan to come, and what you plan to bring, by sending us an email at cca@carsonnm.org

Thank you.

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