PAM-pered Pets: The Art of Grooming

A spa day for your dog or cat

Pam Busick, who runs PAM-pered Pets in Carson, offers you “A spa day for your dog or cat”.

Pam offers dog grooming, cat grooming, boarding, daycare, and training. Also animal portraiture.

Grooming. Pam has been professionally grooming all breeds of dogs, and cats, in Carson since 2010. 

Pam Busick grooms a poodle.

Boarding and Day Care: Pam offers a safe and nurturing space for cats and dogs, a home-style boarding environment.

Shady summer-time kennels.

Training: Pam Busick has extensive experience in training field-trial Retrievers. She teaches obedience training, and can run one-on-one training sessions as well as group classes as necessary. 

Portaiture: Pam has a formal degree is in Fine Art and can create portraits of your dog, horse, and you!

Pam can paint a portrait of you and your favorite animal.

PAM-pered Pets is located at 35 S. Carson Rd, Carson.

Phone: 575-751-7286.


PAM-pered Pets is the 2016 winner of a National Score Award for the American Small Business Championship.  Read the  Taos News article here.

Visit the PAM-pered Pets Facebook page here.

Read the Taos News article on PAM-pered Pets here.