Trees for Sale

Peter Allen’s tree nursery in full leaf.

Many of these are shade trees, providing shade for us while maintaining moisture in the soil and controlling erosion.

Burr Oak, Quercus macrocarpa, native to New Mexico and a hybrid of another native, Burgamble, Quercus gambelii, producing acorns early in life providing wildlife forage.

Big Tooth Maple, Acer grandidentatum another native of New Mexico, beautiful fall foliage.

Little Leaf Linden, Tilia cordata a favorite of the honeybee.

American White Ash, Fraxinus americana moderately fast growth rate and turns a beautiful purple in the fall.

Service Berries, Amelanchier alnifolia native of North America, often seen along the hiking trails of Northern New Mexico. Another flashy fall fashion show! Native Americans made a pemmican, the fruit of the service berry, like a blueberry, mixed with fat to provide sustenance when traveling.

Pricing is wholesale for Carson residents and I like to assist you in planting for there are dos and don’ts. Come see and pick your own.

Contact Peter Allen 505 795 3298, email [email protected]