Tree Trimming

Trees were trimmed by qualified contractors on this Carson property, and 85% of the cost of the work was covered by TSWCD.

The Carson Community is working on getting designated as a FireWise Community. Part of this designation is for all property owners to have their personal property protected by a fire protection zone around the structures.

The Taos Soil and Water Conservation District (TSWCD) has a program that will pay 85% of the cost to protect your buildings. They will visit your site to determine how much work needs to be done  and present a budget estimate to the TSWCD Board for approval. They will then revisit your site and  develop a treatment plan that involves marking trees and vegetation that need thinning and/or removal; this is done with your consent.

Once a plan is prepared you can decide to execute the plan yourself, (if your budget won’t permit), or get bids from qualified contractors. This is your decision but at least you have a plan that is required for the FireWise Community designation. Call Peter (505-795-3298) if you have any questions about the above. The person to contact at TSWCD for a more detailed explanation of the program is Charlotte Martinez 575-751-0584.

Lower limbs of trees were trimmed and all the cut branches were removed to create a clear defensible area.