Fire Prevention Tips

Tips for Preventing and Defending Against Fire

In the event of an emergency, (yours or someone else’s), ALWAYS CALL 911 FIRST.

VEGETATION: Clear trees, dead branches, weeds, tall grasses, (anything flammable) from around your buildings. The recommended clearance is a 50 ft minimum.

FLAMMABLES: Keep all flammables, such as gasoline, paint thinners, etc., at least 50 ft away from buildings.

EMBERS & ASHES: Store fireplace ashes in a tightly lidded metal container. This suffocates hot embers and keeps them from blowing out. Be sure embers are completely cool—24 hour minimum suffocation—before dumping.

CONSTRUCTION: When constructing or renovating, use non-flammable materials such as metal for roofs and stucco for exterior finishes wherever possible. Avoid using flammable construction materials.

ACCESS: Ensure that your property is easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Keep a clear pathway for emergency vehicles. For example, if you go to help someone who is in urgent need, be sure not to block access with your own vehicle.

Mark your calendar for our important FireWise Day.

Click here for more information on fire protection and prevention.

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