A well-attended Firewise Day organized by CCA at the Carson Fire Station on February 25, 2018

The 2020 FireWise event (rescheduled from from March 23 to May 9, then to tentatively June and August) has been postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19. Check back for an update. The 2019 FireWise event took place on Saturday, March 23rd, from 1.00–4.00 pm at the Carson Volunteer Fire Department on Hwy 567. Read about the event here.

Carson is officially a FireWise community—a Certificate of Recognition was received on December 23, 2019 by the Carson FireWise board from the National Fire Protection Association. 

This came after over a year and many hours of work putting together and submitting the Carson FireWise Community Assessment & Action Plans, with some members of the Carson Community Association taking the lead, working in conjunction with the Volunteer Fire Departments from Carson, Tres Piedras, and Latir, and with the New Mexico State Forestry Department. Read more about what lies ahead for 2020.

A FireWise designation involves increasing awareness in the community about actions that can be taken both individually and as a community to prevent unwanted fires in the community. A Firewise community undertakes to organize a Firewise Day every year to share the latest information on developments in the general vicinity that impact or relate to fire safety, and remind the community about steps they should take to minimize fire danger on their properties.

If you have any questions call or email: Peter Allen 505-795-3298 or Elizabeth Brownrigg 575-758-2758

Click here for more information on fire protection and prevention.

Please check the calendar for the date of the next Firewise Day.

Tips for Preventing/Defending Against Fire

In the event of an emergency, (yours or someone else’s), ALWAYS CALL 911 FIRST.

Clear trees, dead branches, weeds, tall grasses, (anything flammable) from around your buildings. The recommended clearance is a 50’ minimum.

Keep all flammables, such as gasoline, paint thinners, etc., at least 50’ away from buildings.

Store fireplace ashes in a tightly lidded metal container. This suffocates hot embers and keeps them from blowing out. Be sure embers are completely cool, (24 hour minimum suffocation), before dumping.

When constructing or renovating, use non-flammable materials such as metal for roofs and stucco for exterior finishes wherever possible. Avoid using flammable construction materials.

Ensure that your property is easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Keep a clear pathway for emergency vehicles. For example, if you go to help someone who is in urgent need, be sure not to block access with your own vehicle.

Mark your calendar for our important FireWise Day.