Carson Firewise 2021 certificate

Carson is officially a FireWise community—a Certificate of Recognition dated November 15, 2021, received by the Carson Firewise Committee from the National Fire Protection Association, indicates our good standing with the programme. 

The original certification, received in December 2020, came after more than a year and many hours of work putting together and submitting the Carson Firewise Community Assessment & Action Plans, with some members of the Carson Community Association taking the lead, working in conjunction with the Volunteer Fire Departments from Carson, Tres Piedras, and Latir, and with the New Mexico State Forestry Department.

A FireWise designation involves increasing awareness in the community about actions that can be taken both individually and as a community to prevent unwanted fires in the community. A Firewise community undertakes to organize a Firewise Day every year to share the latest information on developments in the general vicinity that impact or relate to fire safety, and remind the community about steps they should take to minimize fire danger on their properties.

What does this mean to you? More work. In the assessment there are three action items that we need to work on and accomplish in order to maintain our Firewise status. They are:

1. South Carson Road: Work with the County Public Works Department to make improvements to S. Carson Rd for ingress to fire service/emergency responders and for egress of residents of Carson when a fire occurs.

2. Forest Road 556: Work with the NM Forest Service to make major improvements to an existing road to form a viable secondary egress for the community and an ingress for EMS and Firefighters, as well as a fire break on the west side of Carson.

3. Community-wide Wildfire Hazard Reduction Education: This is where everyone in Carson needs to participate by attending the Annual Carson Firewise Meetings. More information will be provided a few weeks before the event. Save the date and come to the meetings.

Please check the calendar for the date of the next Firewise Day.

If you have any questions call or email the Carson Firewise Committee Chair: Peter Allen 505-795-3298

A well-attended Firewise Day at the Carson Fire Station on February 25, 2018

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