Upgrading CVFD

The Carson Volunteer Fire District or CVFD (formerly the Carson Fire and Rescue Department CFRD) has worked diligently with the NM State Fire Marshal to improve Carson’s local fire-fighting capabilities. In 2020, CVFD secured a NM Fire Protection Grant Award of $140,151.20 from the Fire Service Support Bureau of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission for the development of a dedicated fire suppression water supply. This is part of a broader plan to raise the rating of the CVFD from ISO9 to ISO8. ISO is short for Insurance Service Office. The New Mexico Fire Service Support Bureau inspects each fire department to assess their ISO score.

The largest contributor to a good ISO score (the best is 1) is the availability of water. The grant CVFD received enabled them to drill a well (to 400 feet in depth, yielding 20 gallons a minute), and to install a 40,000 gallon pressurized water tank to store and deliver water. The grant will also contribute towards the construction of an addition to the existing buildings to serve as a training center for fire and rescue volunteers.

An improved ISO may have a positive effect on the home insurance rates of Carson homeowners. However, many changing factors contribute to that rate, so contact your insurer when the ISO8 rating is achieved by CVFD to see if you are eligible for a discount.

The Fire Service Support Bureau is responsible for the distribution of funds from the State Fire Fund and helps local fire departments in preparation of Insurance Service Office (ISO) surveys. The bureau also reviews fire apparatus specifications in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. 


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