Carson Wildfire Evacuation Plan

By Scott Freeman, CVFD Fire Chief

The key to a successful evacuation is for residents to fill out the disaster pre-plan contact list.

Here are the key considerations at the point of an impending disastrous event:


CCA will send out warnings through our communications center to our residents and to Mutual Aid Departments. Warnings will provide the following information:

Warning level (there are three (3) possible levels):

  1. Warning of dangerous event predicted to be in in or around Carson. Continue to update.
  2. Recommended / strongly encouraged to evacuate.
  3. Evacuate

Type of danger: wildfire, flooding, wind storm, ice storm, etc.

Estimated arrival of event.

Physical size of event.

Direction and speed of event.

Who to contact for help with transport: Carson community volunteers; 911.

When to expect help, estimated time for help: this should be done at level (2).

Advice: could be to shelter in place or evacuate.

Where to go: S Carson Road meeting place will be between Carson Cafe and Carson Fire Department. Taos County will also have meeting areas.


Communications will be sent to residents through three routes:

  1. Email
  2. Texting
  3. Automated phone calls

There is a need to record all calls. Taos County will have an interest in our records.

There will be two (2) open phone numbers for CCA residents to call for questions.

There will be two radio channels dedicated to CCA residents for questions: Channels 21–22. Remember this is open communications.

CVFD has a set of radios which are set to channel 22.


Who in the CCA will be responsible to receive the evacuation notice?

The responsible (2) persons must be appointed and accept responsibility along with a backup CCA person or competent person outside the CCA.

When CCA receives the word for evacuation from officials:

CCA will pass on the level of evacuation (1–3) notice as soon as CCA receives the orders.

Who gives the order to evacuate?

County (County Fire, County EMS), State (State Officials, State Police), FEMA, Appointed CCA Member or competent persons.

Evacuation route and process:

S Carson Road supports approximately 200 residents, and possible up to 30 guests at Vista Verde Retreat. So there could be as many as 100 cars coming out on S Carson Road.

Evacuation (level 3) will need to be accomplished in 2 hours.

Residents will need to be accounted for by email, text and/or a manned station at the intersection of 567 and Carson Road.

Residents will be responsible for accounting for their guests. Residents will be given approximately 1 minute at the intersection of 567 and S Carson Road to account for all persons at their residence.

The 556-forest route is not at this time recommended for first choice for evacuation as the road needs to be improved to be usable.

Verification of evacuation:

When there is a question of persons needing help to evacuate, the Fire Chief, or Fire Officer, or appointed rescue personnel must be notified and dispatched to a known location. The rescue personnel must be accounted for and tracked in and out of evacuation area. Rescue personnel will be accountable by physical passport only and will be tracked by rescue department not CCA.


Persons (2) to receive evacuation notifications.

Persons (2) to send out notifications to CCA members. This position can be the same two persons who receive notification for evacuation.

Persons (2) to take incoming phone calls from residents.

  • Two phone numbers and two radios will be manned by CCA or competent persons for questions.
  • These incoming communications will be in direct contact with the Fire Chief and Fire officers and state and county officials for rescue and life threats.
  • The call log will be of great importance. A call log must be kept in an organized manner.
  • These communications will need to be recorded and all records preserved.

Person (1) to log returning residents.

  • Returning residents will communicate by phone, text, internet, or in person.
  • To be clear, the CCA and Carson Fire Department are not the police.
  • Physical verification of returning resident will be done on a recommend basis only.


Carson Volunteer Fire Department has:

  • A Total of 14 Volunteers
  • One Water Tender
  • One Structural Engine
  • One Brush/Rescue/Type 6 Engine

Please make room for CVFD equipment while driving on Carson Road. Remember, we are going to help your neighbor.

Be a volunteer: CVFD can always use more firefighters!

Prepared by Scott Freeman, CVFD Fire Chief, 9/29/21

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