Carson Wildfire Evacuation Contact

The Carson Volunteer Fire District (CVFD), Carson Firewise Committee, and Carson Community Association are developing an evacuation plan for Carson in the event of a wildfire, when we aim to: achieve an orderly, safe, and effective evacuation of people and animals (pets and livestock) from Carson; control access to the area and provide security where possible; and then provide for an orderly, safe, and effective repopulation of the evacuated area when appropriate.

A wildfire evacuation plan in our community begins by knowing where everyone in the community can be found and how we can reach you remotely by text, phone, or email. We’ll need to warn you of the need for evacuation, establish evacuation routes, provide transport as needed, and identify safe shelter-in-places sites. For this we need your help. 

Please provide the information listed below by email, or send the information using the dowloadable PDF form, or complete the secure online form here.

Your name

Your physical address

Your mailing address

How many people in your household

Your text number (preferred)

Your landline number if you have one

Your email address

Do you have any medical urgency?

Do you have livestock or other animals that will require special action?

Do you need help with transportation?

Does the CVFD need a key or code to enter your property?

Send your answers to, or PO Box 101, Carson NM 87517, or give to a member of the CCA. The information you give will not be shared with any external parties, nor will we make your information visible to others in the community.

Scott Freeman, CVFD Fire Chief and CCA Vice President

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