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The ever-present danger posed by wildfires is one of the most important issues facing the Carson community given that much of the area is covered in, or close to, dense patches of highly flammable vegetation. The spate of wildfires in neighboring regions a few years ago spurred several Carsonites and the Carson Community Association into the hard work of building a volunteer fire service with its own fire station in Carson.

The fire truck housed in Carson’s fire station.

However, this is a dispersed community, without a reliable source of a large amount of always-ontap water, and some of the volunteer fire crew live further afield. So, we cannot rely solely on the volunteer fire service to keep us safe from wildfires. It is important that everyone in the community takes all possible measures to prevent and minimize the risk of wildfires starting or spreading quickly.

To this end, the Carson Community Association is working on getting Carson designated as a FireWise Community. Part of this designation is for all property owners to have their personal property protected by a fire protection zone around their built structures. CCA organize annual Firewise meetings to provide residents with important information about the steps they can take on their properties, including how wide an area they should clear around their houses, which of the less flammable trees and shrubs to plant within the fire protection zone, and making emergency services sure have clear directions and unhindered access to their property.

We encourage all residents to attend the Firewise meetings.

A FireWise meeting organized by CCA at the Carson Fire Station on February 25, 2018