The New Mexico State Library provides a very important bookmobile service serving rural communities throughout the state.

NOTE: The New Mexico State Library Bookmobile Service has been cancelled indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In normal circumstances, the New Mexico State Library Bookmobile Service has a variable monthly schedule and which we update here from time to time. The Bookmobile Service usually notifies patrons of any cancellations or changes in dates by email or by phone. In Carson, the bookmobile normally parks at the Carson Cafe & Grocery Store. 

The New Mexico State Library operates three regional bookmobile services, each with a schedule of monthly visits to underserved rural communities in the northeast, west, and east of the state. The Bookmobile Northeast service visits Carson once a month, parking its state-of-the-art truck at the Carson Fire Station for one hour. Please check the calendar for the dates when the bookmobile will be stopping in Carson. The schedule is also published here.

The bookmobile carries about 4,000 titles that include a good selection of books to cater to a wide range of interests and ages, from best-selling non-fiction and fiction to a whole section devoted to the southwest including New Mexico. The bookmobile also carries some audio books and DVDs.

Patrons looking for specific titles or books on a particular subject can contact the bookmobile service to check if they are able to obtain these titles or books for pickup. Contact information for Bookmobile Northeast:

You can register for an account by visiting the bookmobile in person or online at

Please remember that your participation in the bookmobile program is extremely important to the existence of the program. Whether Carson continues to remain on the bookmobile route, and the length of time it stops here, depends on user numbers. If interest and visitor numbers decline, Carson could stop receiving bookmobile visits. So please make an effort to drop by and check out a book or two.

The bookmobile service reminds patrons that all books checked out from the bookmobile must be returned to the bookmobile and not to other libraries. They also ask that overdue books be returned as soon as possible in person or through a neighbor or friend. Remember there are NO FINES for overdue books.

The bookmobile program is funded in part with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services which administers the Library Services and Technology Act. The bookmobile vehicles are purchased with funding appropriated by the New Mexico state legislature. Funds contributed by several counties support the book budget.