Election Results

Only around 65% of registered voters in Taos County voted this November. 16,865 votes were cast. Statewide, 68% of registered voters voted, the highest in the state being Los Alamos, where nearly 80% of registered voters voted.

In Taos County, for US President, Biden/Harris (Democrat) received 76% of our votes, Trump/Pence (Republican) 22%.

For US Senate, Ben Lujan (Democrat) received 76% of our votes, Mark V Ronchetti (Republican) 22%, and Bob Walsh (Libertarian) 2%

United States Representative District 3, Teresa Leger Fernandez (Democrat) received 80% of our votes, Alexis Johnson (Republican) received 20% of our votes.

To see full results for Taos County, and the rest of New Mexico, click here


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