CVFD Good News

By Scott Freeman, CVFD Fire Chief

CVFD firetruck

Last week, the Carson Volunteer Fire Department received a generous donation of $4,000 from a Carson resident. All the members of CVFD greatly appreciate this donation from the bottom of their hearts. The donation is to be used at the CVFD’s discretion. 

Among the first thoughts at the CVFD is to create a fund to support First Responders. Our First Responders incur significant personal expenses when they deploy to attend to a medical emergency or to extinguish fires in our community. First Responders also have to keep up to date with the latest medical, rescue, and fire training, all on their own time. First Responders are among the most caring people in today’s society.

We in Carson should be very grateful to our own. All of Carson’s First Responders are firefighters, some of whom plan to make firefighting their profession. Our Carson Volunteer Firefighters make many personal sacrifices for people they may not even know, and that may include you.

As a volunteer they may receive a 911 call in the middle of the night and he or she may have to make the decision: do I get up now and help a neighbor, and if I do will I be able to buy enough gas to get to my paid job in the morning, to earn the money to support my family?
Our Carson Firefighters have to cover gas, wear and tear on their vehicles, and buying food, as they attend to the homes of people in desperate medical need or fire emergency. Even with such impediments, CVFD this year has responded to 98% of all requests for help. CCA is proud to support the work of CVFD.

And if you still have not registered for the Carson Fire Evacuation Plan, now is probably a good time. Just go here to complete the form, and here for more information, or here to download a form to return by mail. Thank you.

CVFD firetruck on S Carson Rd.

And if you have ever considered becoming a First Responder there’s never been a better time than now! Please contact me, Scott Freeman, Carson Fire Chief, at (951) 660-6292. Thank you again.

We have so far distributed $2,000 to our First Responders and the balance is being held by CCA in a restricted fund solely for the use of CVFD. If you would like to make a donation to CVFD, please send a check to CCA (made payable to CCA with “CVFD Restricted Fund” in the memo), PO Box 101, Carson NM87517-0101. 

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