Receiving a Package in Carson

The US Postal Service remains the most reliable way to ensure delivery of a package. In addition, using our Carson Post Office to send and receive mail and packages helps in its continued survival. Our Post Office provides a valuable service to our community and we should use it as much as we can.

Some packages are too large (130″ length+width) or heavy (70lb or more) for the US postal service to accept, and some companies don’t give you the choice of carrier when you order from them. Here are some guidelines.

If you include a PO Box in an address when you order from a company ( for example) sometimes it will still be delivered to the Post Office but the company uses FedEx SmartPost or UPS Surepost. Check the links for information. Essentially FedEx or UPS takes the package from the retailer and delivers it a far as our local USPS system. You then collect your package from the Carson Post Office.

If this is not an option, FedEx is the most reliable way to have your package delivered to your home in Carson. FedEx offers tracking services. However, to receive tracking updates to your phone or email you need to have an address that is on the USPS database, and for most of us in Carson that is not true. FedEx has a number of parallel delivery systems, one of which is a super-reliable locally owned franchise.

Another choice is UPS. UPS is not reliable for deliveries to most of Carson. Once an item reaches the Taos depot, which is does in good time, it can take longer than one week to reach you even if the weather and road conditions are good. This can be a problem if you have a time sensitive delivery, or the item being shipped is perishable, such as live trees you buy from a nursery. UPS offers tracking and it is worthwhile registering for their MyChoice service. You can choose to receive updates to your phone or email of the progress of your package. You can choose to have your package delivered at an address other than your own. Sometimes they offer the facility of following the delivery truck in real time on a map. This can be a frustrating experience for you get to see that the truck may not visit Carson for a week even though your package is on the truck. Sometimes UPS will indicate that they have delivered your package but you have not received it. This is most likely to happen if the driver has left your package someplace else (such as the Store, or the post office) without letting you know. Rather than spending your day searching for your package you can contact UPS Customer Service ([email protected]) and ask them to ask the driver where he left it.

If you have a problem, try calling the UPS Taos depot on 575 751 7233 at around 8.00 am (later in the day the phone is not picked up).