Carson Cafe and Grocery

Carsonites waited impatiently for the re-opening of the Carson Cafe and Grocery Store in 2019. Photo by Gavin Morris.

Carson is fortunate to have a café and store that is conveniently located and has ample grounds and useful facilities that make it a good venue for occasional events. Carson Café & Grocery (and formerly Poco Loco) has worked generously and closely with CCA in hosting the Fall Festival, so we want to give them a little shout-out here.

Carson Cafe & Grocery is a great place to hang out, have a chat with friends, and make new acquaintances.

OPEN | 7 am–5 pm daily through the winter

* Fresh Baked Pies * Breakfast Burritos * Sandwiches * Pizza * Pastries * Ice Cream * Soups

Basic groceries and produce as the season permits.

The Carson Cafe is still evolving. We have all the makings of a great little store that will be an asset to the community of Carson. See you here! Craig Osen, Owner

Craig Osen, new owner of the Carson village store, formerly known as Poco Loco and now renamed to Carson Café & Grocery Store, has worked hard to renovate the premises. 

Store owner Craig Osen in the kitchen preparing a pizza.

Residents who had been waiting impatiently for the store to open finally got their wish when it opened in early August 2019. Carsonites can now drop by to enjoy a cup of coffee, get a slice of pizza or sandwich, shoot the breeze with neighbors, and pick up some supplies.

The store currently carries a limited stock and patrons are welcome to let Craig know what they would like him to include in the stock. Drop into the store to check opening times and the cafe menu.

Carson Cafe & Grocery store interior.

The Carson Poco Loco store when it first opened in 2005. Photo by Elisabeth Maier.

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