Carson Dogs

Carson residents with dogs are reminded that we are responsible for not allowing our dogs to persistently or continuously bark so as to annoy our neighbors. We are also responsible for preventing them, and cats also, from trespassing onto the property of our neighbors. Our dogs should be restrained on our property either by a fence or by using a leash.

If you fail to control or silence your dogs following requests from neighbors, your neighbors are within their rights to call the Sheriff to enforce elements of the Animal Control Ordinance. If we don’t want law enforcement officers mooching around our property it would be wise to know more about the Animal Control Ordinance. You can read it online at

If your neighbors’ dogs are causing nuisance to you with their barking or by trespassing, it is best to try first to resolve this with your neighbor. If you are unable to resolve animal problems you can, as a last resort, contact the Taos County Sheriff’s Department at (575) 737-6480. They are empowered to impound any animal that is in violation of the requirements of the Ordinance, or of State Law. Each infringement of the Taos County Animal Control ordinance carries a $300 fine.

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