Living Together

People move to Carson for many reasons. Some come for a holiday or visit from a busy urban life and fall in life with the peace and quiet, and the pinyon-juniper woodland habitat. Affordability is also a factor allowing many people to purchase a reasonably sized parcel of property.

People like the distributed and spread-out nature of the community, which affords a good level of privacy, especially for those of us who live among the trees. They like that it’s possible to not see any neighbors or passers-by on a daily basis and yet easy to visit a neighbor living close by should they choose to do so, or to call on a neighbor for help if the need arises. This combination of privacy while being part of a community is an important part of living in Carson for many of us.

With the privilege of living here of course comes the responsibility to play well with our neighbors. While we may not see our neighbor, we may well hear them and likewise they may hear us. Being considerate of our neighbors can take many forms, all of which boil down to not interfering with their ability to enjoy their lives on their property. So we should all try to remember the golden rule.

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