Census 2020

2020 is National Census Year. Many of us in Carson will not have received forms through the mail, and it’s important for rural areas such as Carson to be included as it affects how financial resources will be allocated to us in the future. 

New Mexico receives more than $7 billion a year in federal funding but this will continue to happen only if everyone completes the census. The funding helps communities across the state get improved roads, schools, health care programs, and more. This is a once-a-decade opportunity for us all to be counted and to count towards an important source of funding for the state and Carson.

If you have not received forms, and you want to be counted, you can go to the following website to enter your information https://2020census.gov. You can also phone (844) 330-2020 to complete your census.

Thank you for your participation.

Elizabeth Brownrigg
Carson Community Association


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