Carson Firewise 2021

Carson Firewise Activity for 2021

By Peter Allen, Firewise Committee Chair

A Carson property with trees trimmed by qualified contractors (85% of the cost of the work was covered by TSWCD) helps Carson maintain its Firewise status.

A reminder that Carson is a fully accredited Firewise community in 2021. In order for us to remain in good standing in 2022, we need to collate all information related to fire preparedness in our community that we, as community members, have taken during 2021.

If you have done any fire preparedness work during 2021 please send us details of what you have done to by October 31. This includes any tree limb removal, brush removal, (please give us an estimate of the volume of vegetation removed in pick-up truck loads, and the time you spent in the activity), the creation of a defensible space around your home, fireproofing your home in any way, and many other things besides. You can see the kind of activities that count by going here. We will report those activities, without any personal information, to the Firewise administration.

Please remember the deadline for your activities to be credited to Carson’s Firewise account is October 31, 2021.

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