CCA Communications

Email List

The CCA maintains an email list to help those who live in Carson, own property here, or have an interest in the community stay in touch with CCA and other community activities. To join the CCA email list simply go here to sign up. The CCA will not lend or sell the list to others, and it will remain private within the CCA.


Following the precedents set by previous boards, the CCA Board will post notices for meetings as specified by Article II, Section 6 of the CCA bylaws (see below), two weeks in advance of a meeting, on the Carson Community Bulletin Board on S Carson Rd. Additionally, we will also post notices in emails sent to the CCA members’ distribution list.

Article II (Membership), Section 6. Notice of Meetings. Notice of meetings (regular and special) shall be posted on the Carson Community bulletin board at least fourteen (14) days prior to the day of the meeting. Members who live out of town and request to be notified shall be notified by mail when possible.

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