CCA Bylaws

CCA’s Bylaws as of July 30, 2022 can be viewed here. Note: A signed copy is held by CCA.

A Brief History of CCA’s Bylaws

The original proposed CCA Bylaws were published by the Carson Community Action Committee (the precursor of Carson Community Association) in The Carson Sage Volume 1, Issue 6 (May–June 1995) and again in Volume 1, Issue 8 (September–October 1995). The editors invited Carsonites to send their suggestions for changes to improve the bylaws in advance of a bylaws revision meeting on September 23, 1995, at the Carson Post Office, and before the bylaws were filed with the state.

CCA proposed bylaws 1995

The CCA’s Bylaws from 1999 can be viewed here.

There was an effort to update and amend the CCA’s Bylaws in 2019–2020. However, in the absence of a record that the proposed amendments were brought to the membership for a vote after a proper 30 day notice, as laid out in Article VIII Section 1 of the 1999 Bylaws, the CCA Board agreed at a meeting on October 29, 2021 that the 1999 CCA Bylaws remain in effect until such time as the proper process is followed to amend the Bylaws.

CCA posted a notice to CCA members via email, on the community bulletin board, and on this website, on June 30, 2022, serving as the legally required 30-day notice of proposed amendments to the Bylaws related to ARTICLE II.Section 6 (Notice of Meetings), ARTICLE III (Carson Community Quaterly Bulletin), ARTICLE II.Section 7 (Voting), and ARTICLE VII (Monetary Matters), for a vote on July 30, 2022. The amendments were approved unanimously after the adoption of one suggested change to the wording.

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