Board Duties

The duties and responsibilities CCA Board Members are detailed in Article V, Sections 1–4 of the CCA Bylaws as follows:

1. President and Vice-President
  1. President and Vice-President shall act as the presiding officers at regular and special meetings and shall generally supervise all business and affairs of the Association during and between all meetings, unless otherwise set forth in these bylaws.
  2. President and Vice-President may appoint standing and special committees and they will be ex-officio members of all committees, or may at will, with the approval of the Board, appoint another Board Member to this duty for any committee as found necessary.
  3. President and Vice-President shall perform all duties commonly incident to the office of President and Vice-President, unless otherwise stated in these bylaws.
  4. President or Vice-President shall make an annual report to the general membership at the annual meeting, file such report with the Secretary, and direct the dissemination of such report to the membership at-large, by direct mail when possible or other effective means.
  5. At the request of the President, or in her/his absence or disability, the Vice- President shall exercise all powers and perform all the duties of the President. A Vice- President shall become the President in the event of the disability or removal from office of the President until the next election for that office.
2. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep accurate and adequate records of the assets, liabilities, and business transactions of the Association as required by law.

3. Secretary
  1. The Secretary shall act or delegate as Secretary/Recorder of the Association and shall keep, or delegate the keeping of, minutes of all meetings of the Board and of membership meetings (regular and special).
  2. The Secretary shall see that all notices are duly given in the accordance with these bylaws and as required by law . The Secretary shall have charge of the books, records, legal documents, and papers of the Association relating to its organization.
4. At-Large Board Members
  1. At-Large Members shall have the duties assigned by the Board.
  2. At-Large Member shall be present for meetings and be available to perform duties necessary for Board and membership functioning. 
  3. At-Large Board Members shall assist with the editing, management, and operation of the CCA newsletter, The Carson O Piñon! if requested by publisher.

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