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Brief Bios of Current CCA Board Members

Art Wilbur, CCA Board PresidentArt Wilbur, President

I have been a resident of Carson since 2006. I had been coming to Carson to visit my in-laws, Joe and Wanda Schwilling, since 1985. I was born in Chicago and attended Holton Military Academy in Watertown, N.Y. and later studied political science at Univ. of Maryland. I retired from U.S. Army Special Forces after serving in Germany, Laos, and Vietnam. I owned a petroleum trucking business while living in Bakersfield, Calif. I am married to Sharon Wilbur. I earlier served as president of the CCA from 2010 to 2015 and I was instrumental in starting the Carson Fire Department.

Scott Freeman, CCA Board Vice PresidentScott Freeman, Vice President

I was born and raised in Oregon, and graduated from Oregon State University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science emphasis in Architecture. In Architecture class at OSU is where I met Traci, my future wife. Traci and I started Freeman and McCall Construction LLC in a small town on Mt. Hood in Oregon. In 1999 I became a firefighter EMT with a passion for Urban Interface Protection. I graduated from the National Fire Academy in Fire Investigation, Plans Review and Urban Interface. I retired this last May of 2021. Traci and I are remodeling our house on S. Carson Road. I am the current Fire Chief of Carson NM and a member of the Carson Firewise Committee.

Jeremy Paine, CCA Treasurer 2021Jeremy Paine, Treasurer

Before moving to Carson, I spent most of my life in Virginia and Illinois and attended the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources. I worked for thirty years as a controls and instrumentation engineer for Goodyear. My wife Janie and I ran a basement recording studio. I play several instruments, but not well. After moving to Carson in 2006, I worked at the Springs at Ojo Caliente for nine years as operator of their water and wastewater systems and pools. Now that I am a retired widower, I’m remodeling my house on Ravensdance Road, cleaning up the yard and entertaining my indoor cats. I also serve on the Carson Firewise Committee.

Paul Green, CCA Secretary 2021Paul Green, Secretary

I grew up in Cambridge, England, and did doctoral and post-doctoral research in zoology/ornithology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I taught at universities in the UK and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I met my future wife, Eng-Li, on my first day in the country. On our return to the UK in 1988 I took a course to learn the skills needed to work for non-profit organizations, and went on to work for non-profits for the rest of my career, focusing on bird conservation and natural environment issues. We moved from England to southern Colorado in 1996. I worked as the CEO of two non-profits for a total of 13 years until I took early retirement in 2015 so we could move full time to the house we had bought in Carson in 2010. We lived in Bucks County PA and Tucson AZ in the interim. I have served on a number of boards, including one term as Secretary on the CCA from 2016-18 before stepping down, and I also serve on the Carson Firewise Committee.

Jerry Boxberger, CCA Board Member 2021Jerry Boxberger

I was born in Wyoming and my folks moved to Carson in 1940. I grew up here and graduated from Ojo Caliente High School (now Mesa Vista). Then I went to Adams State College (now University) in Colorado where I met my future wife, Karen, who grew up there. We moved to Santa Fe, NM, where we lived for 28 1/2 years. Karen taught Kindergarten and I worked as a Senior Engineering Technician for the State Highway Department in the Materials and Research Testing Lab until retirement. Then we moved back to the Ranch in Carson where I grew up. My folks were still planting pinto beans, dry land corn and grass, and they were running cattle too. I am also a retired Army Major.

Traci McCall

My family moved to Oregon from Albuquerque when I was very young.   I graduated from Oregon State University where I majored in Business in 1984.  I met the love of my life at OSU; we married within a year.  Upon graduation I was hired as an Insurance Underwriter.  Eventually I became a Commercial Insurance Broker for a private brokerage firm.  During this period Scott and I started a family and a Commercial Construction Business.   We managed our business for 20 years.  Upon retirement, my dream of becoming an Artist was in the making.  I started taking classes and eventually my art was accepted in several galleries in Palm Springs.  The enjoyment of creativity and what it brings into my life is what grounds me.  We moved to Carson in March of 2021 and truly enjoy the environment and the diversity of people that New Mexico brings.  I look forward to being a representative of CCA for the next year.  

Deborah Perrin

Born, raised, and educated in Los Angeles, I remained there until I retired and moved to Carson in 2010. During my working life, I was first involved in arts administration, beginning as the curatorial assistant of a private collection of Chinese art in New York City (the Sackler enclave at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), then as the van and crating coordinator at a Los Angeles art transportation company (Cart & Crate), and finally as gallery director at the ARCO Center for Visual Art. Two years as a freelance writer followed, during which I wrote “LA Access,” a guidebook to Los Angeles. I spent the last twenty years of my career as the editor and publication director of an association of graduate schools (Graduate Management Admission Council). During that time, I also operated Taxco Editions, a small business reproducing vintage Mexican silver jewelry, which I had crafted in Taxco, Mexico and sold at private trunk sales. I am honored by my election to finish the CCA board term of Vonnie Zepeda, a talented and vivacious woman whose shoes I won’t be able to fill, but whose steps I will do my best to follow. Thank you for your confidence in me; please accept my pledge to do my best as the newest member of the board.  

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