CCA Board

The Carson Community Association has an elected board of seven members. These are three or four officers, and three or four at-large members. Officer titles are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If the Treasurer and Secretary roles are combined into one position, the number of at-large board members is increased from three to four.

The most recent election for CCA board members was in August 2021. All members were voted in for a two-year term. The next board elections will be held in July 2023.

Current board members for the 2021-2023 term are as follows:

President: Art Wilbur
Vice President: Scott Freeman
Treasurer: Jeremy Paine
Secretary: Paul Green
At-large Members: Jerry Boxberger, Traci McCall*, Deborah Perrin**.

For the duties and responsiblities of the board members, go here.

Go to page 2 below for short biographies of current board members.

*Rob Hughes, who had served on the CCA board since 2011, and was re-elected to the board at the Annual General Meeting in August 2021. At the Annual General Meeting on July 30, 2022, Rob’s wish to to retire from the board was announced and Traci McCall was unanimously voted to fill the remainder of this term.

**Vonnie Zepeda, who was voted onto the board as an At-large Member in August 2021, stepped down on March 26, 2022, for personal reasons. The CCA board appointed Deborah Perrin to fill the vacated seat; the appointment was confirmed by a unanimous vote at a Special General Meeting on April 23, 2022.

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