Carson Community Association

Carsonites enjoy lunch outside at the 2016 Fall Festival

The purpose of the Carson Community Association (CCA) is to represent the mutual interests of the residents and landowners of the Carson community, and to attend to any other needs identified by members of the association.

CCA takes the lead in organizing several events with the Carson community each year. These include fun events that get neighbors together, the Spring Fling, Fall Festival, and Holiday Potluck. In addition, the CCA works with the Carson Firewise Committee to organize at least one FireWise Day each year. The CCA Board meets several times each year, and there is one general meeting in July each year to discuss issues or improvements needed in the community, and to vote in officers for the CCA Board.

Announcements for all events are posted on the Carson Community Bulletin Board two weeks in advance, and also emailed to the Carson Community Association email list. Carson residents and landowners wishing to be on the email or mailing list should email, or send mail to PO Box 101, Carson NM 87517.

The CCA relies on voluntary contributions. It has no authority to levy fees on residents. To support the work of CCA, please send your voluntary donations to: Carson Community Association at CCA, PO Box 101, Carson NM 87517.  You donation is tax-deductible and you will receive a acknowledgement letter from the CCA Treasurer dor your tax records.

Funds are used to help support the work of the Carson Volunteer Fire Department, Carson Firewise, and the Carson Food Bank and Clothing Boutique; cover expenses related to communications and fundraising, such as postage, printing, website, Carson OPiñon newsletter; and maintain the CCA quonset community building and South Carson Way, the road that provides access to the quonset. The CCA community building is the location for the weekly Carson Food Bank, so South Carson Way receives quite a bit of traffic and wear and tear, especially during snowy winters.

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