A New O Piñon

Various iterations of the newsletter published by Carson Community Association (and its precursor the Carson Community Action Committee).

Looking through an archive box of past Carson community newsletters has been an interesting journey back through past efforts at developing a spirit of engagement among Carson residents. The Carson Sage Volume 1 Issue 1 was “published in July 1994 by the Carson Community Action Committee, facilitated by The Carson Visionary Circle”. The stated aim was to provide an “open forum for all people in the Carson community…” The plan was to include items of local concern, a local telephone directory, profiles of Carson residents, humorous slices of Carson life, announcements, letters, neighborhood news, and more.

The proposed bylaws for the Carson Community Association were published in the May–June 1995 and September–October 1995 issues of The Carson Sage, inviting input from the community before filing with the state. The last issue of The Carson Sage in our archive is dated Winter 1998 (Volume 18). It was replaced by the Carson Community Association Bulletin in 1999. The first issue of Carson O’Piñon in the archive is dated January 2000—the name was adopted after Parker Haynes won a contest to rename the CCA Bulletin. The newsletter has gone through various phases of being published four times, twice, and once a year, or sporadically. We would like to get back to publishing the newsletter more frequently and, ideally, make it a quaterly periodical. This would allow the newsletter to be more topical.

We also plan to make the newsletter a more permanent repository for some of the information that we send to the CCA email list. This may include certain official CCA materials though those will mostly be posted to the CCA website with download links provided in emails or in the newsletter.

Apart from sharing news about events and activities happening in Carson, we would like to revive some of the old features of past newsletters, starting with profiles of Carson residents. The CCA Board welcomes contributions to the Carson O Piñon at any time (see page 2 for contact information). We welcome ideas and suggestions for what you would like to see in Carson O Piñon; send us your thoughts at cca@carsonnm.org.

The newsletter will continue to be distributed electronically for the most part: PDFs will be lodged on the CCA website and members will be emailed download links. We do not have the budget to mail the newsletter to every member because, while the CCA is a membership organization, our bylaws do not authorize us to levy any assessments or dues on the membership. Instead, we depend on donations to fund all our activities and administrative costs. To make a donation, send a check to Jeremy Paine, CCA Treasurer, PO Box 101, Carson, NM 87517 or hand your check to any board member. CCA is a registered 501(c)3 organization, so any donation you make is tax-deductible. Jeremy will send you an acknowledgment for your tax records.

You can also support the CCA by advertising in Carson O Piñon while letting the community know about your products or services.

To view or download the latest of past issues of Carson O Piñon, go here.

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